Thursday, September 24, 2009

Personal day

I took a personal day to go to my kids' school for a BBQ lunch. Lots of fun seeing them at school, so knowing in exactly what they need to do. The Secret Life of Boys, if you will.

About an hour before their bus would arrive, I got a call from the school nurse: Rowan had come in, complaining of a bug bite he'd itched. Apparently, it was swollen, hard, puss-filled, and red. Nice. So when Rowan got home, we got in the car and went to Urgent Care, where he got a prescription for antibiotics. The doctor also drew a line around the red area so we could keep track of the infection, make sure it didn't get any worse.

I finished up some layouts:

This one was inspired by the tag. When I saw some leftover pictures from the summer, I joined them with the tag for a LO about brotherhood. The photo corners I made with a punch, a pen, a Xyron X, and some superfine glitter.

This one got its inspiration from a challenge at Studio Calico: use floss, eyelets, paint, letter stickers, patterned paper no bigger than 4x4.

The same challenge inspired me as I created this, but the photo itself was sort of the ultimate inspiration.

I love these photos of Dominic and his toys. This summer I had bought a Star Wars collection of papers, so I used it here. (To me, I have to use a kit enough so that it evens out to about $5--I spent $15 on the kit, I have used it on three layouts, so I have gotten my money's worth. Anything I use from now on is icing.) To avoid looking too theme-y, I used a subdued pattern as a background and cardstock for the rest. And I limited myself to just one sticker. Amazing.

I think this one is my favorite. I used the August Scarlet Lime kit, maybe my favorite one that I got with my subscription this past year. I had already used up my M's, so I had to improvise with a W.


Jody said...

Your "Maternal Hall Of Shame" page is genius!
I loved it :)
And your comment on my blog is so spot-on, I had to do this month's assignment for the WCS blog and I did it about myself (probably only the 4th time, out of almost 300 pages!) with some of my fave AC products.
I really appreciate your feedback, thanks :)

csewy said...

Love your layouts!! The "Maternal Hall of Shame" is a cutie!! Hopefully by the time he is older the baggy, torn jean "look" will be out of style!!! I also like the "More for 4's", love all the layering on the left side!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

CreativeChretin said...

i like your use of eyelets. I should use my "ancient" eyelets too! :) Great layouts!

alexandra s.m. said...

My! Aren't you Miss Speedy Scrappy?!!...Wonderful pages! and Garden jewel is so poetic and clever!! Delicious Jennifer! Thanks for sharing, I hope Rowan is okay?!