Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maternal Hall of Shame

Yep, I sent my son to school with a hole in his butt, his fancy schmancy Star Wars undies clearly visible. Yikes. As soon as he got home and I realized this, I threw the shorts away. Just a little too late. I'm consoling myself by telling myself that all the older boys seem to want to let their underwear hang out. Dominic's just fashion forward, so to speak.

He had a much better day today. I spoke with his teachers and shared a few more ideas that may help him during transition times.. He apparently just has trouble during the unstructured time--going to the bathroom as a class, for example. During table time and other activities, he's great. It's good to see the day as a big picture.

And the tooth fairy visited Dominic and left him two big gold dollar coins in place of his lost tooth. Of course, Dominic ascribes too much magic to the tooth fairy and thinks she actually turns the tooth into the coins.

Would that she had so much power.

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alisonm said...

Jen, first let me give the Momma a big hug! I know how challenging a special needs child can be, but you are a great mother and your Dominic will be fine- he justs need to find his way, with your help of course!
I love the photo of Dominic's fashion sense- aren't you lucky he posed for you!!!!