Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to normal

Rowan's leg seems to be a little better--at least, the blood poisoning seems to be abating. And when I dug his schoolwork out of his bag, I could see documented evidence he was back to normal.

Look at the picture he drew for the word "man." Looks like an alien, doesn't it?

And this is the picture he drew of himself. He's got a hole through his middle, which I guess explains his scream.

I have kept a ream of art from kindergarten that is similar--snowmen with noses in his mouth, a picture of a volcano with an airplane flying over it, and someone dropping out of the airplane and screaming "Agghhhh!" My ultimate plan is to turn this into a mini album of typical Rowan art in all its gruesomeness. I hope this foreshadows Stephen King, not Jeffrey Dahmer.

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alisonm said...

Oh, he is a boy after my own heart! Ian always ended every story with "and it was fun."
Glad to see he is on the mend.