Sunday, September 16, 2018

Blogging again...Finally!

Well, this was an unintentional break I took. Nothing disastrous, nothing monumental, just life taking over a bit and making it harder for me to scrapbook and post. So what have I been doing these past six months?

  1. Reading. I set an ambitious reading goal for myself this year--42 books. I read about 15 this summer. Some of my favorites were The Hate U Give, Disclaimer, and Luckiest Girl Alive.
  2. Traveling. We didn't do a big family vacation this summer, but we did do several small trips. My first was a big trip to Maine with Dominic, where we helped my parents sort through and cull things in their basement, garage, and RV. Last winter my father had a series of strokes, and though he is less incapacitated, my mother is now his full-time caregiver, so I wanted to make their lives a little easier to manage. This trip helped make that happen. Later in the summer we also went to Maplewood State Park in Minnesota, then later in the summer we went to Holland, Michigan, to spend time with Derick's family. We rounded out the summer with a state fair trip.
  3. Participating in a summer musical. Derick and I spent many, many hours late last spring and this summer rehearsing and singing in the choir in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, put on by a local group called Bunce Backyard Productions. It was terrific. The music was wonderful, and we met some terrifically fun and talented people. That occupied a lot of our time this summer!
Some other, smaller things included recovering from injuries that are included in the category of "getting older"--a sprained back, microtears in the meniscus of my knee, and tennis elbow--and getting used to not having my work computer to do blogging and writing on (we changed devices this fall). Right now I am writing on our   V   E   R   Y      O   L   D       and   V     E    R    Y      S      L      O      W   Mac that we will be replacing later this year. Thank goodness.

When I logged into this computer I found several blog posts that I had started but not finished. Heh. I'll be getting back to posting those. (Confession: I thought I had posted them!) Until then, here's some pages I did for Simple Scrapper this very busy summer:

Thank you for visiting today! I hope to see you visit again as I get back into the groove of sharing what I create, even on a slow device.



So fun!! gorgeous pages!
I too have been reading but not creating.
Just finished The Death of Mrs. Westaway. *whew* lots of twists & turns! iter than that, lots of fluff --my favorite reads in the summer time, Elin Hildebrand, Jean Oram, Sherryl Woods, Janet Evanovich.
Hoping to get my scrap back on after my fundraiser crop in October.

Keep sharing!

alisonm said...

So good to see you back!!!!

Unknown said...

Missed you!!