Friday, September 8, 2017

Ombre stitching on a scrapbook layout

The September sketches at Simple Scrapper are truly inspiring. After I made my pages for the magazine this month, I made another one based off another sketch, a page about my older boy's favorites from Hawaii. The sketch had a repeated title, and since this was about Hawaii, I decided to make the title ALOHA. And since rainbows were so frequent and symbolize Hawaii, I decided to make a rainbow stitched title.

For more interest, I decided to make the stitched title ombre, with the most intense colors at the top and the least intense at the bottom, sort of like the background patterned paper. I started by selecting rainbow DMC in three intensities:

Next, I cut the title in a blocky font on my Cameo and used the negative space to trace the title across the page.

After this, I used my paper piercer and foam pad to punch holes for stitching. I eyeballed it, but the holes are about 1/4 inch apart. When the letter went under a photo, I made the hole be at the edge of the photo.

To stitch, I did some estimates first: I figured that I would have about 3/4 of a letter for each color. I stitched the brightest first, and that served as a template for the rest of the stitching. Where I shifted into a new color in my first title, I did the same with the same colors on the rest of the page. Here's the final:

I used some Kelly Purkey label stamps in bright colors around the page along with some leftover Primas I have to embellish. Not too much was needed after the titles.

I never used the medium purple since the final A was always covered up!

Thank you for visiting! This was somewhat labor intensive, but it was fun to do while I watched TV, so I hope it inspired you to do some stitching on your pages.

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