Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Vacation albums: Glacier N.P.

In addition to scrapbooking mini albums this summer, I've strived to catch up with my vacation albums. Including Hawaii, I have four to do, so I started with the oldest: 2013's trip to Glacier National Park.

Like all of my vacation albums, I use one product line and the same basic layout throughout. This makes it quick and easy to fit many photos in and have it look nice. For this album, I had put aside years ago the Fancy Pants Designs collection Happy-Go-Lucky. I thought the aqua would look good with the Glacier photos, and the collection was filled with campers, which fit with our camping trip! Here's the album:

I always start my albums with my favorite family photo next to the title, then a cluster of embellishments next to the contents. The nice thing about Fancy Pants collections are the embellishments. They are various dimensions and layer beautifully because of that contrast.

I used a lot of those chunky in this album, so I had trouble photographing it--it wouldn't lie flat, and photographed unevenly. I mention that because the following photographs include the background, which I don't usually do. Sigh. Oh well.

The basic layout in the body is similar to the title page: strips of patterned paper dividing the title and journaling, plus some photos next to each. The following page is a PSE collage with several photos, pays some embellishments. I switch up the papers and embellishments on each spread.

A couple layouts had too many photos for two pages, so I made a four-page spread with three pages of photo collages.

When I make a title, I usually stamp or die cut it (not enough stickers otherwise). Here I used my Cameo to die cut using the font Grand Hotel. If it was long enough, I also used some small stickers from the Happy-Go-Lucky collection.

The final page is usually titled Looking Back, and I try to reflect on the whole journey, maybe with some photos of my family from behind. When something interesting happens on the way back, though, I record that, like when we got a flat tire the next year. Here we drove through a forest fire, which is sadly not too unusual in the West in the summer.

Thank you for letting me share my album! I hope this gives you ideas to speed up your scrapbooking process while also making the album attractive.

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