Friday, July 21, 2017

Using cards on a scrapbook page

Hello! We just returned from our summer vacation--Hawai'i!--and I plan to share the scrapbooking I did while I was there. Until then, here's what I did before I left.

I've written about this before, but I make pages for my parents. I bought them a frame to put them most recent page in and an album to put the older layouts in. Recently, I made a page for my father for Father's Day using a recent beloved photo of my boys.

The papers I picked out when I sorted through scraps. (I do that a few times a year and bring it to my sons' former day care; the kids use the pretty paper to practice fine motor skills--cutting--and their former teachers love to see how much my boys have grown.) I thought these patterns would look good together, so I use them as my backdrop.

When I recently organized my supplies (more to come), I found this card that I had saved, maybe to use on a page. It went color-wise with the papers, so I thought I'd overlap it on my photo and use it for my title. I used some journaling cards that I'd also uncovered in my organizational spree, so I underlapped those with the photo, told my story, and embellished. My dad loved it. I'm happy that the pages I send him allow him to follow the boys growing into men, even though my dad and mom live so far away.

Thank you for visiting! If you scrapbook for gifts, or you use cards on your pages, please share!

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