Monday, July 24, 2017

Fixing mistakes when I scrapbook

This may just be me, but it seems like at lest half the time I spend scrapbooking involves figuring out how to fix my mistakes.

Sometimes I have to redo the whole page--my son swung a water bucket over my already-stitched-down photo grid, which I had to rip stitches from, reprint, and redo. Other times I need to replace individual elements--a photo, an embellishment, some paper. Still other times I switch out my original plan--remove the damaged item and replace it with something else. Most of the time, though, I end up masking the problem, like I did with this page:

I forget what had happened--I had dropped something with adhesive on it onto this photo, and the adhesive stuck quite visibly. Fortunately it wasn't over anything important, like his face, so I planned an embellishment cluster to mask the adhesive. Sometimes design follows principles; other times design follows OOPS. Here's the completed layout:

I used a lot of Project Life materials from Ali Edwards for this. The trim along the top and bottom is actually a 4x6 PL card I tried into strips and stitched down. If you look close in the middle, you can see that the right and left side letters don't match, but I picked like colors on both sides of my strips to make the mismatch harder to see.

I stitched the title down because I didn't trust the vinyl letters to stay.

I love this Venn diagram card, which sort of inspired the story I'd tell with these photos.

Thank you for visiting! I hope I gave you some ideas for fixing mistakes that don't involve redoing the whole page. Go ahead and share some of you most frightful crafting disasters.

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