Thursday, April 13, 2017

May pages for Simple Scrapper

Now that spring has arrived, I'm draw to clean lines and open space on my scrapbooking pages. I practiced that with these May pages for Simple Scrapper. The first celebrates the first time my son flew his birthday drone:

Dominic's grandpa, a retired Navy pilot, has always given him flying remote toys, which he loves. This one we took out to a local park on his birthday to fly. It was windy (check out my husband's beard!) so it was difficult to maneuver, but it was fun.

Because I love stitching, I placed the photos in such a way so that I could draw a "flight" line between the photos to create some motion. The paper airplane I cut out from the vintage piece of Cosmo Cricket paper I found in my stash.

(Side note: my older son picked the patterned paper and the stitching colors. He's got an eye for color!)

The next page involves my dog's secret stash that is hidden behind what we call the magic door:

We keep Lola's food in the front closet, which we have to go into for many things. Any time we do, she is RIGHT THERE, tail wagging, all pert and expectant. She's not a poser, so I couldn't take a good photo of that look, so I found the cutest, most longing look I could find from past photos to scrap.

I'm not sure why, but I think of blue-green-orange as nice pet colors, maybe because they go well with Lola's brown coat. The orange buttons in the title fit that color scheme, plus solve the problem of my having run out of O's. Sigh. Since this page was about magic, I added some sequins sort of as fairy dust across the page.

Thank you for visiting and checking out my pages! Please visit Simple Scrapper to see all that membership offers--monthly sketches and digital templates, story starters, and a digital magazine!

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printing that top one to keep on hand for inspiration! thanks so much for sharing!!