Monday, September 5, 2016

September scrapbook pages for Simple Scrapper

Hello! August has been a whirlwind. Between my husband going away to GenCon (a gamers' convention) and going away for work and the family going away on vacation, I have been rushing around, getting the most out of the summer and hurriedly finishing up what I need to--namely, back to school shopping and planning for teaching.

I have scrapbooked a little. Here are my pages for Simple Scrapper September:

This page made me smile. Lousy pictures, but they tell a funny story about the relationship between my cat and my son's lizard. She's not hunting him; she is fascinated by him. I used a new story starter and old sketch to tell the story of this simple pleasure.

Next is a page about my son's good work at the church rummage sale. He did a terrific job organizing the shoes and purses for sale, all by himself. (As a side comment, his room is NOWHERE near this organized--where did these mad organizational skillz come from? Where has he been hiding them?) I used a new sketch and old story starter for this.

I have been doing a lot of hand journaling lately.

Those are my pages for Simple Scrapper this month! Please go over and investigate--every month your subscription comes with templates, story starters, and a digital magazine with original pages.

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