Monday, July 25, 2016

August pages for Simple Scrapper

I've been doing more than scrapbooking past vacations. Here are my pages from August's Simple Scrapper:

The theme is EXPLORE. I used my travel products to scrapbook my mother's and my trip around the Twin Cities, most especially to the Midtown Global Market and the Bachelor Farmer Cafe. (Interesting note: the Midtown Global Market is in the old Sears building, which was empty for years. My husband used to call the previously empty building the Gates of Mordor. From the middle photo, maybe you can see why.

I used a sketch to celebrate something I love: visiting Twin Cities' restaurants. Mother's Day we went to Revival, which cooks amazing fried chicken.

I used a lot of scraps on this page. And can I tell you how much I love using ledger paper for the background? Plus: check out that PIE!

Thank you for seeing my pages! Please visit Simple Scrapper and see all the inspiration that is there. Remember: Every month a full sized digital magazine filled with layouts, sketched, and story starters awaits each member.

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