Saturday, September 17, 2016

October scrapbook layouts for Simple Scrapper

The school year has started again, and it is a little early for papers for me to grade, which is good, since my classes are larger (30-34 in most). I am hosting a student teacher, who is off to a great start. I am getting back into the groove of working during the day and scraping at night. Here are some of my recent pages, both for Simple Scrapper:

This was a new story starter about caregiving. I wrote about a challenge: my boys leaving scraps everywhere. I took a not-stellar photo then scrapped and journaled over it to tell the story.

A moment of situational irony: as I took my tool kit off the bookshelf, the one that holds my wood veneer shapes that I wanted to use on the page, I found another one of these dang cough drop wrappers squirreled away.

I picked this paper because of the word "modifications," which appears many times on the paper. Picking up their scraps is a modification I would like the boys to make!

Next is a page that may be one of my favorites from the summer:

Used two single-page sketches and put them together on this two-page layout about a recent beach trip that ended up with my son stealing food from the thieving gulls and shouting "Mine!"

I love this movie. So many quotes...

I keep some Iris bins with themed products--Christmas, Halloween, School, Camping, and Vacation. I dug exclusively into my vacation bin for this layout. It prolonged summer for me, which made me happy. I used mainly old Little Yellow Bicycle, October Afternoon, and Fancy Pants for the page.

Yes, the gulls really did that.

I layered wallet-sized photos on top of 3x4 Project Life-ish cards. I LOVE this. It was so easy to create a coloful, eclectic background, and I am going to  do it again.

That little wave there was a scrap from another project. I usually kick myself for saving teeny scraps like this, but I'm happy it paid off this time.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you go visit Simple Scrapper to check out their membership. They have many story starters and templates/sketches for inspiration, plus a monthly digital magazine and an active online community. Check it out, and also visit Amazon to check out The New Rules of Scrapbooking, a book written by Jennifer Wilson from Simple Scrapper..


Steffanie said...

I love these! It's so great to see you sharing your scrapbook pages again---I have missed that. You are still one of my favorite scrapbookers out there!

Jennifer Larson said...

Aw, thanks, Steffanie!