Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boo! Scrapbooking non-Halloween pages with Halloween products

I've mentioned this past week that of all themed products, Halloween is the one I have the most of. My boys are almost outgrowing trick or treating, so I have to seek other uses of the products. Here's a recent page I made that uses those Halloween products:

I hope you can read the journaling. I grew up in an old New English town with some very old cemeteries, and I learned to hold my breath when I passed them (so as not to let the ghosts in, of course). My boys have started doing the same thing. It's not as necessary in Minnesota, where the cemeteries are not as scary-looking, but when we visited New York a few years ago? Whoa. Lots of breath holding. Here's some details:

I tried to choose some vintage-y products, and ones with headstones or about ghosts, since that fit my story. And that flair? Comes from the Globe theater. It seemed to fit.

I sewed down a lot of elements since the stickiness was abating and it was hard to hold down the patterned coffee filters with adhesive alone.

Thank you for checking out my page! Come back tomorrow to see my contribution for November's Write Click Scrapbook.

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