Friday, May 1, 2015

May gallery at Write Click Scrapbook: Everydaily

Hello! This first of May brings one of my favorite topics for the gallery at Write Click Scrapbook: Everydailies. For this I made a page about one of my favorite things: reading. Here it is:

I wrote about this page a lot at WCS. A local NPR host requested people to take photos of their bookshelves and tweeting them, calling the #shelfies. I LOVED this idea and made a page about my shelves, which I've taken to school so my students can read.

CREATIVE NOTE: The chevron punched corder was supposed to be even (oops), so I made it more uneven on purpose after I messed up the first time. Happy accident! And here's a detail:

Thank you for checking out my May page! And now you can go check out more magnificentt pages on Write Click Scrapbook.

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