Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scrapbooking for a purpose

Sometime this winter my younger son came to me in despair. He said he needed a hobby, and told me he didn't have one. I talked with him about my hobbies, then asked every family member what their hobbies were, and then I asked my youngest again. at this point he had realized that he DID have hobbies, and came up with a list. After our conversation, I wrote them down, and this month I scrapped our hobbies. Here's the page:

(I swear my husband's whole name actually does appear on the right!)

I picked old photos I had lying around that showed us doing what we loved: Rowan creating, Dominic reading, Derick running, and me at a baseball game getting a photo to scrapbook. I pulled products from a couple older Studio Calico kits to make this page. The kit had a TON of number rub-ons, which was actually perfect for this page. Here's some details:

I don't normally journal along the side, but I didn't want to fill the white space in the middle, so I used the sides to add our hobbies.

The trail of sequins and stars was a little random for me, but I liked it, so I did it. I think it adds a bit of movement to the page.

I love yellow. and layering. And sewing. That is all.

Thank you for checking out my page! Have you scrapped your family's hobbies right now? If not, record them--hobbies change, and this snapshot will be a treasure in the future.

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Linda said...

Great idea for a layout! I love how your page turned out.