Monday, August 11, 2014

Reclaimed pages, post-hard drive crash: part 5

These are my final pages that I'll be sharing that I lost due to my hard drive crash, but was able to reclaim because of our online back-up program. I've been posting these not just to share them, but also to remind you that you need a redundancy program to back up your photos: disks fail, hard drives crash, even external drives. Consider an online program too!

Now the pages:

This one I had made last spring but never posted, I'm not sure why. I think the design bothered me, for some reason? Not sure. If I go to a game, I generally keep the ticket and put it on the page, like I did here.

This was a very basic page remembering spring. I kept it simple and used kraft as a background since spring in Minnesota is a little washed out. By the time it's colorful, it's almost summer. I cut apart the die cut that came with the kit to use it in many places on the page.

Another spring page, probably the last egg page I'll make since the boys are getting older. I did a lot of stitching, die cutting, and inking for texture here. More color, since it was later in the spring--heck, the grass is almost green!

Thank you for looking at my reclaimed pages! Please take some time to explore online backup options so that you do not have to worry about losing your photos.

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Barbara Eads said...

There's something to love in each of these layouts! I'll be "borrowing" a few ideas!