Saturday, June 14, 2014


I used to generate three numbers. Here are the winners!

For Here & There Inspiration:
Blogger Glenys said...
The classes all look great! Looking forward to some family time over the Summer!

For Going Places:
Blogger alisonm said...
nothing like waiting to the last minute!

For The Phone Photography Project 2:
Blogger Joyce Casaldi said...
I can't wait for my strawberries to get ripe, they are just starting to get red! I think my favorite thing about summer is getting my hands dirty. I just love playing in the dirt, floating down the creek at our camp site and reading fun books. I too am relishing in the fact winter has finally past!

Ladies, please email me at jennyrahnlarson at yahoo dot com so that I can send you the winners' certificates!

1 comment:

Glenys said...

Thanks so much! Very exciting! Off to email you now!