Friday, May 2, 2014

Scrapping one great photo

If you've read my blog for a while, you know I love big pictures. When I get a photo I love, I print it big.

The place I print locally doesn't print 12x12, but it does print 8x12, so with really interesting photos, I go for that. Here's a layout I made recently with a photo I loved:

I took this photo at the Mall of America after Lego Club Easter weekend. I had left the store after the club and came back to see my son on the floor, dreaming of Legos. I waited until the crowd had milled away, then I took this picture with my iPhone. I love the lined on the photos, plus the color.

The Basic Grey paper I picked was in the April Studio Calico kit. I loved it for three reasons:

  1. The lines allowed for journaling.
  2. The yellow and blue matched the photo.
  3. The white sort of blended into the shelf on the left.

When I made the page, I knew I wanted to add the title with an embellishment cluster near the place where my son it sitting. I pulled some stickers, the tag, and the flair, then added the chipboard stars after to highlight the yellow. Finally, I stitched the title down, which I needed to do since the letters were acrylic and tiny letter stickers, both of which are hard to keep down. Then I journaled above and below, including the title as a part of the journaling. Here's some details:

I did a few things I love here, in addition to the big photo. I used an embellishment cluster, I overlapped the photo, and I kept the focus on the photo, especially with the arrow pointing to my son.

So this was the latest page I made with a photo I loved and some of the things I did to highlight it. So I hope this National Scrapbooking Day, you pick one photo you love and scrap it with some of your favorite techniques!


Michelle said...

This is so fun!!! I have never printed large photos like that. Where do you print them here? No costco close by. Although a rumor that they are opening one in Woodbury (but that is still 20 miles one way). Hudson and here in RF don't have much.

Your Rowan is so much like my little Ben. Ben is OBSESSED with Star Wars lego sets. It is the only ones he wants. Need to come up with jobs around here for him (he's only 7 and certain ones he just has to do because that is part of being a family). He has such a big wish list that I told him he needs to save his money.

Jennifer Larson said...

Thanks for the Comment, Michelle! I print at National Camera Exchange, a local chain. They might have one closer to you in Woodbury? Not sure though.

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Love how you scrapped this photo...very impressive!