Sunday, March 23, 2014

April sneak for Write Click Scrapbook

After all our snow/cold days this winter, we had some days taken away from us to add back into the calendar. In particular, mark reporting day became an instructional day. Before this year I never noticed how vital that day was in wrapping up the term and getting ready for the next. Whew!

Now that papers are graded and grades are submitted and the term is well under way, I look forward to having my days regain their normal rhythm--which includes scrapbooking and blogging about it!

Here's one thing returning to normal: my sneak for Write Click Scrapbook's April gallery:

I don't often do monochromatic layouts. Here's one of my favorite colors, aqua. I wonder if you can guess the gallery's theme from these sneaks?

The gallery goes live April 1st--no joke!--so stop by Write Click Scrapbook and get inspired!

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