Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Year-in-review pages

The other day I showed you my One Little Word Page Do. I use that page to set my goals for the year.(To make sure I keep that in mind, I put it up on my wall.) Today I'd like to share with you two ways I record the year in review.

This first page is what I do at the end of the year with my One Little Word. I reflect on how it impacted my year. My word--CHERISH--overall taught me to look for blessings in places that they were hard to find, so I let that guide my journaling.

Some of what I journal about here I thought about and did along the way, but other things I journaled are my perception at the end of the year as I reflect. Our life stories are events and our feelings and perceptions about that events, so looking at the year through the lens of my word gives that year meaning to me.

Another way I scrap the year is to select my nine favorite photos from the year and put them on a page together. I do the same design every year, using a template I downloaded years ago, then lost and recreated myself using PSE. It's challenging narrowing down to nine photos, but I scroll through PSE Organizer, opening every photo that strikes me, and going from there. It's tricky focusing only on the photo, not the event, but when I do, the selection process is easier.

Thanks for checking out my pages! I hope you get inspired to reflect on the year and scrap it.

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