Monday, January 20, 2014

Write Click Scrapbook sneak for February!

The weather has turned chilly once again, so I want to direct you to Write Click Scrapbook this week to take the edge off the chill. I'll be blogging about warm scrapbook pages.

Today I'd like to share some sneaks of next month's page for the gallery:

I love these colors on the page. They were randomly left over after I had scrapbooked at a crop, but I loved how they looked together and put them onto this page. I wonder if you can guess the gallery theme? There are enough clues on the sneaks.

Visit Write Click Scrapbook this week to warm yourself up a bit*, and stop by February 1st to see the new gallery and get inspired!

*Apologies to Australians. I know you don't need to get warm. If you need to get cool, visit this post instead. :-)

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