Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scrapping outdoor winter fun

I feel funny posting this today--it's now -17F, which is warmer than when I first woke up. In other words, the only outdoor activities today will be me dashing outside with the dog, then back again as quickly as we can. Still, I am now looking back on December nostalgically. Remember when it was warm enough to snow? *sigh*

Here's a page I made for Fancy Pants Designs last week, highlighting how I select and edit photos. (You can read about my process here.)

I used Timber Grove for this page, which has some traditional alpine colors and a gorgeous pop of red. Love it. Another thing I've started doing which I love: sewing picture frames on the photo itself. It looks so cool.

Thanks for checking out my chilly page, and stay warm on this chilly day!

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AmySo said...

I just finished two layouts today using Timber Grove. It is a lovely collection!