Friday, August 23, 2013

My own Calvin and Hobbes

When I was growing up, Calvin and Hobbes came out. I loved it. Such a funny cartoon about childhood in particular and life in general. My sons became obsessed with them a couple years ago, particularly Dominic. I still remember the email from his teacher the day he actually wrote "I cannot answer this math question because it is against my religion" on a test. Thankfully, that teacher had a great sense of humor. Later, I was happy to share an updated version of the comic with the boys called Hobbes and Bacon which envisions Calvin and Susie married with a daughter named Bacon.

The boys have read every Calvin and Hobbes book, so their interest has waned lately in favor of Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and the Middle School books. Still, my boys tend to channel some of Calvin's wildness, to the sometime agony of their mother, so I see Calvin's hijinks in their daily play.

One such occasion happened last year. We were visiting Two Harbors to celebrate my grandmother's birthday, and the boys found a Radio Flyer wagon. They pulled it to the top of a hill and took turns pushing each other down it, barreling at high speeds. I remembered many images of Calvin and Hobbes flying down a hill in a sled or a wagon, so I made the following page to remember the connection:

I used Fancy Pants Designs' Memories Captured line for this page, plus some cork stars and labels. I love how muted the colors are, which through contrast highlights their action in the photo. Here's some details:

I love the ephemera pack in this collection to do many of the clusters. This is my favorite embellishment of all time. It is so versatile! I bought another one at Archiver's today, I love it so much. I also used the decorative tags, decorative bags, buttons, flair, and sticker fundamentals. I love layering. So. Much. Fun.

I also like the chalk tape (you can see it a bit on the top). In particular, I like to punch it and adhere it to a border. For the most part it punches well, and I don't have to trim ragged edges. On this page I used the 1/2 inch chalk tape, plus the EK Success Bumpy Road punch, which I use a lot on my boys' pages because of the metaphorical significance. Heh.

I like working the title into the journaling. In this case I used my Cameo to cut the title. I have to admit, the Cameo makes it super easy to get just the right sized letters. I used the Pacifico font. I tried many, many fonts before settling on the font I probably use the most, sort of like how I almost always use Times New Roman for journaling, though to switch it up a bit, I used Avenir on this page. Kind of crazy, I know.

Thanks for looking at my page! Tell me, how big a Calvin fan were you?


Keshet said...

This is so fun, Jenny! LOVE the way the design is on that large photo!

alisonm said...

Huge Calvin Fan's in this house!!