Friday, July 26, 2013

Same design, different looks

Here's something I do quite often, sometimes unintentionally: I use the same design over and over again.

I  noticed that I did this at this past weekend's crop. Within a day I unconsciously used the same design scheme on two different layouts--but they look different, even though the basic layout is the same. Here's the first I did:

I had four 4x6 photos. I trimmed them to fit inside these Crate Paper frames, which I LOVE. I set them on top of some patterned paper as a photo frame ans alligned it right because that is what I tend to do.

And here's the title detail:

I pulled some stickers from the kit, then dug into stash for tags, more stickers, buttons, and more. I slip the tag twine under the sate sticker and through the O for a tie. I like it.
The next one I did the next day. Again, I had four small square photos. Again I aligned them left on a photo block. Here's the page:

Several obvious differences: smaller photos, no chipboard frames, a dividing piece of paper between the photos. Aside from that, the orientation is the same. But it looks different with those few changes.

And the details:

You can see that I did something similar embellishment wise to the left side of the photo block. I layered embellishments, some on dimensional stickers, picking ones that fit the theme, the future. The actual title I set above the photo block.

Thank you for looking at my page! So how do you feel about reusing the same design again and again? :-)

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Linda said...

Why reinvent the wheel? I love both pages!