Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Write Click Scrapbook sneaks!

I'd like to share some sneaks of my April page for Write Click Scrapbook! Here they are:

This first sneak is the best one to show what the April Gallery's theme is: can you guess it?

This sneak shows a cluster of embellishments near the title--the ticket says "needing," in case you can't read it (my friend Janet told me it looked like "weeding," LOL!).

The final sneak, including an older photo of me, standing in front of our now-gone crab apple (a freak July windstorm took it). I wanted to show how I used the geotags as photo turns, and the cut-out vegetable tags from October Afternoon Farm Girl. I bought the paper, thinking to use it to scrap my sidewalk contaner garden this summer, but I put it to a different use on this page.

So there's my sneaks! Come back to Write Click Scrapbook to see the full gallery on April 1st--no joke! :-)

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