Thursday, March 14, 2013

How do you spell "portcullis"?

I have scrapped more Lego pages than I can count. Ever since Rowan and Dominic started the Lego Club, I've put together pages of their club days. Recently, Rowan has asked me to take photos of his creations. Since this seems to be because he wants to remember them, I complied. Here's the latest:

I used Studio Calico's February kit for this page.  Since I had only one 4x6 photo and a couple 3x3 photos, I set them together on a bigger mat and embellished around them. Here's some details:

Confession: I teach English, and I don't know how to spell Portcullis. I do now--two "L's"--but when I laid the title down at first, I only had one "L". When I journaled, Microsoft Word helpfully informed me that there were two "L's" so I had to correct the title. That's why the "I" doesn't want to stick. I'd moved it. 


I added the Glitz banner to sort of reflect the sweeping chains I picture on a castle drawbridge. Keep in mind I am no expert on castles.


Lots of fun embellishments in this kit, so I layered and clustered them across the page. I am a slave to the visual triangle, which I did with the embellishments.


Thanks for sharing this page with me! Tell me--do you scrap your hobbies or your families? Do you do them multiple times like I do?


Christy aka. Emeraldvalkyrie said...

That us how we document lego creations and art projects. So yes, we have repetitive layouts. That is fine with me though. Love your LO!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Diana Waite said...

what a wonderful way to document your son's AWESOME creation!