Friday, February 1, 2013

Recording what we hear: WCS

The prompt for this month's gallery at Write Click Scrapbook gave me so much inspiration I could scrap about. In this case, I picked a recent story involving Dominic, who always has something interesting to say.

One Saturday, I asked him if he wanted bacon with his pancakes. (Every Saturday Derick makes pancakes for the boys. One of their favorite meals.) Dominic looked at me somberly and told me, "Pancakes are not pancakes without bacon." I laughed and posted his comment on Facebook, which prompted a family friend who knows Dominic to encourage me to write a book called "What Dominic Says." It's true, Dominic is a champion at memorable phrases. I have scrapped numerous pages about his phrases, so I used this month's Write Click Scrapbook prompt "Conversations" to record this latest aphorism. Here's the page:

I printed some photos my friend Jennifer from Junglefish Photography took of Dominic last year for this page. He looks so sweet. I used Studio Calico's December kit 34th Street to make the page. 

The details:

I used some strips of Hepburn vellum from Studio Calico's Darling Dear collection to back the photos, curling up the edges for some interest. And there wasn't much room for an embellishment cluster to balance out the big cluster on the bottom, so I added some cross-stitches. So easy, and a cute touch!


Here's the embellishment cluster, also the title: I used KI Memories Flashback Instaframes paper to frame the title. The October Afternoon Midway collection was fun, adding some nice, playful phrases to the grouping. And how perfect was that speech bubble paper clip! I rolled up some glue dots to stick the bubble to the page unobtrusively.


The journaling--click on the photo to view it bigger. I like to print tone-on-tone if I don't want the journaling to stand out too much. Plus, I don't have a wide-format printer, which forces me to be creative. Heh.

So this is my contribution to the Write Click Scrapbook Gallery this month, a silly one, maybe, but a sweet conversation too. Please visit the gallery and see the varied emotions and words that people are recording. And do share: are there are memorable conversations in your life now or from the past that you should be putting on a page? Have fun recording them!


Christy aka. Emeraldvalkyrie said...

I love layouts that capture little the little things kids say!

alisonm said...

We called them Ianisms, my favorite was, "Jesus would have looked good with dredlocks".

Diana Waite said...

your layout is WONDERFUL!!

Beth Hallgren said...

Love it :) If only my middle aged brain would allow me to remember something for more that 2 minutes!

Jennifer Larson said...

Ha, Beth! I actually use facebook for this. When they say something cute, I post it. Then I just have to go back and check it when I'm scrapping.