Monday, February 4, 2013

Free stitching scrapinar at Layout a Day

I've been working on two things lately:
  1. Commenting on student drafts of their persuasive papers.
  2. Putting together an online presentation on adding stitching to your pages.
The first will take me the month of February to see to the end; the latter is almost done and ready to be sent off. Here's the details:

If you go to Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day site and sign up, you can participate next week! 

A side note: people sometimes ask me where I learned to design, or how I can scrap so quickly and purposefully. Two things: Design Your Life by Cathy Zielske at Big Picture Classes, and Layout a Day (LOAD) with Lain Ehmann. The first was billed as a class where you would be able to look at a page and know in an instant what the page needs; I have to say the class lives up to its billing. It's still offered as a self-paced class, heartily recommended by me.

LOAD I did several times. The practice of making a page a day sped up my process; posting into a private Flickr gallery and receiving comments from other participants helped me develop a keen understanding of my style. This helped me improve my design process, because I knew what worked for me, so I did it. Less pondering and moving stuff around the page.

Both of these options cost money, but I decided a few years ago I wanted to spend my money on experiences more than stuff, and I got my money's worth with these two. I recommend them.

And if money is tight? Well, go sign up for the stitching seminar!


Andrea said...

awesome! thanks!!

Clare D. said...

Thanks for the replay link, I had trouble logging on! I always do a test row of machine stitching, and I found too much bobbin thread is caused by NOT threading the top of the machine correctly. Liked the zig marking tip!

Rosie said...

Just watched the stitching video, thank you for some good starter points. I am a seamstress and scrapbooker but haven;t c ombined the two. Now maybe I will.