Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back from vacation

Sorry for the hiatus; I spent a wonderful two weeks driving to Maine and back with the family. We stayed on the UP, in Buffalo with family, then with my parents in Maine. A lot of my on-the-road photos look like this:

But mostly this:

We went camping in Acadia National Park, then drove back with an overnight at each of the first three places. This was a vacation where I used my phone to take LOTS of photos, and some of them are my favorites. Here's the shot that is the new wallpaper for my phone:

The only day of rain was our first day at Acadia, most of it while driving. Jordan Pond and the Bubbles were fogged out while we hiked around it, but it cleared when we finished, so I took this photo.

Our most exciting moment, next to hiking 8.5 miles round trip up and down Cadillac Mountain, was blowing a tire 30 miles from home on I35. Some Minnesota Nice good Samaritans stopped to help us put on the spare before it rained, and Tires Plus outfitted us the next day. And I'd like to give a shout out to my husband for reminding me to take a picture. Here it is:

(Just in case you wondered, if it sounds like a helicopter is following you on the highway, you've blown a tire. Pull over.)

I have spent the last two days downloading photos, making a mini album for Write Click Scrapbook, mailing a layout to Scrapbook Trends for publication, and making something for Elle's Studio. Once I make another couple things, I'll post some pages that I just about finished before vacation.

A page I made about Derick and I appeared on a post by Diane Payne at Write Click Scrapbook while I was gone; please visit some of these wonderful Summer dailies and get inspired!

Here's a post I wrote for The Scrap Review with my top five CHA picks; I wrote it while I briefly had a signal in Buffalo and Maine. (No signal in Acadia, though I would randomly acquire signals while hiking, alerted to them by text messages. I was so amazed at the random signal that I would stop and text just because!) I do plan on sharing the other 20 picks I had (heh), so if I get a chance tomorrow, I will.


Aliza said...

I have some very similar on-the-road pictures this summer. Same pose, different kids.

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

We got up to Maine last summer - I wish I could go up every year. That photo of Jordan Pond is amazing!

desi said...

The story about the blowout on the highway is soooo familiar...the same thing happened to our family a couple of years ago. We kept hearing this strange sound, my husband (the driver) looking up into the sky, saying it's a helicopter (we WERE close to the airport), but as I looked in the side mirror I knew it was a blowout. But for a moment he argued with me that it WAS a helicoter! I have yet to let him live it down, and I HAD to share your photo and story, just to 'rub it in' a little, again. Thanks for the story, and the laugh!