Friday, March 30, 2012

Star Wars Crafts

A few months ago I found the book Star Wars Crafts, I think when I was shopping for Christmas presents at Barnes and Noble. I showed it to the boys, when were not interested. Recently, however, they each pulled it out and asked me to make something from it. Since it was spring break, I did.

I made Dominic's project first: a Yoda finger puppet.

The easy part was first: cutting the fabric. Of course, I discovered then that I had a dull pair of Fiskars.

Next, sewing a miniscule piece of fabric. It's kind of tricky to sew felt, and a couple times I got too close to the edge and had to resew, but eventually I got it.

I stuffed the head, sewed the robe on it and voila!

Happy boy. It took only one time of the dog grabbing it before he learned to keep it in his room.

The next one was trickier: a Tooka doll from the clone wars. It was actually pretty small, which made turning it inside out after sewing kind of tough. I pulled a lot of threads doing it. Still, I got it repaired, then stuffed it, and started on the hardest part: adding the ears, arms, and legs. Handstitching.

Please know that I love stitching on pages, but actual sewing? I made this page to commemorate how I feel about sewing:

It took me all day to hand sew. I added the first purple strip and was reminded of an Olivia Newton John video:

When I added the second, it looked all right.

Even better, Rowan played with it all day.

The force is with me. Always.


Valerie said...

Jenny - these little toys are adorable, you did a great job. I learned a long time ago from my fabric friends that the easiest way to dull scissors is to cut paper with them. I guess we scrapbookers all have dull Fiskars ;)
Your page is fantastic - I love everything about it (and I enjoyed the ONJ video, too :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Oh wowser, how clever of you. My Second Child is really into star wars too, she would love seeing these!!! But her mother will not be making those, that's for dang sure, lol.