Friday, January 27, 2012

Male Patterned Paper

I've had these photos of Derick for a while, plus the page title, just waiting for inspiration. This week's sketch at Sketch Support gave me that inspiration. Here's the page:

I modified the sketch quite a bit, mainly because the star is incidental to the theme (he loves doing Star Wars role playing games). I used it to "fancy up" the replacement letter "e."

I had run out of "e's" from the wood letter set and almost got more, but my scrapping friend Janet stopped me from buying more wood letters, saying, "Use an 'e' from your supplies." That have me the idea for the embellishing. I punched a star from scrap paper, traced around it, punched holes every 1/4 inch, then stitched.

If you haven't gone to Sketch Support yet today, do so! There is a giveaway for two sketchbooks.


DanaMK said...

Love how you improvised! The star around the "e" is fantastic! Love the PPs you used too.

alexandra s.m. said...

Love your page Jenny!

Michelle said...

Wow!! I love your work. Scrolling through your blog. Your Minnehaha Falls page is gorgeous. I also really love your one you did.. the outdoors one with the really large photo. I am loving Allison's sketches. You do so well with them. Also very cool to see someone who is pretty local. I live in River Falls, but am from the Twin Cities. :)