Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scrap-tacular weekend

(Sorry for the delay in writing; I have been inundated with grading papers. The piles are still there, but I've made a dent.)

In the midst of grading, I took a weekend scrap break to the wonderful Scrapbooking Company in Pine City. I went with my scrapbooking friends, the Scrapping J's (minus 2 who couldn't make it).This is us in front of the store. Attached in the back was a big room for scrapping surrounded by many 2-bed rooms, plus a master bath and a kitchen. The scrap space was delightful, as were the ladies who were also there that weekend. Here we are, in action:

Total, I made about 14 layouts. Here are the ones I totally finished (others I needed to add journaling or photos):

I got the idea for this page from Ella List It! Everyday. I sketched it out, scanned old photos, printed them in a uniform size, then dug into Stash. My favorite: the photo on top of my mom and my brother and me is mirrored by the same photo almost 30 years later of me and my sons.

This is one of two two-page layouts I made. I use the same title every year for this layout because we always make the Star Wars Eggs, and thanks to my husband's brilliant idea, we always do Jedi poses with them after. I used Studio Calico's Field Guide, plus a little Stash for this.

Another Easter Stash LO. The chipboard swirl was a random thing that was in my traveling Stash, so I used it. And can I say, this past year was one of the only GREEN Easters we've had? The year before it snowed. No lie.

This one...perhaps my fave. The J's had a late night challenge to complete a LO in a half hour. This was mine (confession: I added the hand stitching after). This challenge gave me a real sense of what it must be like to be on Project Runway. Seriously, I had started out with another page, realized I couldn't "Make it Work" in 30 minutes, so I decided to use a favorite design scheme of mine with this photo. I misted, I punched, I adhered, and then the insanity: I stitched. And of course, the bobbin ran out with about 2 minutes to go. I could almost hear Tim Gunn saying "Stop sewing and get on the runway NOW!"

And this is the LO I started and stopped. I used a really cool piece of paper from Studio Calico's Field Guide. I trimmed it, which made me a little dizzy, and adhered it. Then I thought I needed stitching, so I moved on to the above LO. I came back to this one later (around 1 A.M.) and finished.

When I finish the journaling for the other LOs, I'll share those too.


BabyBokChoy said...

Look how prolific you are!! These are fantastic layouts!!!

Keshet said...

14?? You are too awesome, Jenny:)