Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ella digi winners!

My three men (Derick, Rowan, and Dominic) each picked a number for winners of the Ella List It! ebooks. Here are the winners:
Blogger Steffanie said...

It's my constant resource for all things scrappy. I use it to search for ideas, techniques, design. I also have done some hybrid and digi scrapbooking---but only a bit! I do journaling and sentiments. A little bit of this and that, I guess!

Blogger Jen said...

I consider myself a hybrid scrapper. I use my computer to manage and edit photos, obviously. I use it for some of my journaling or to print digital elements for my traditional pages. Sometimes I make a photo collage. And I have even done several completely digital pages (using templates). But I like to touch and move things around, so I don't see myself going completely digital. Thanks for the chance to win!

Blogger joel & ginny said...

I use my computer when making digi pages and sometimes for journaling on a paper LO. Of course I use it in sorting, purging, and uploading my photos. I also use it to scan heritage photos, but that is an ongoing process for me.

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