Thursday, September 15, 2011

Early morning chat

My work day starts at 7:10; my boys' school day starts at 9:30. Because of the discrepancy, I drive the boys to a school program called Kidstop before I head to work.

These early morning drives have been special times for me, mainly because I get to chat with the boys. This past week we had particularly thoughtful discussion.

My son Dominic

asked me if we could go to Old Country Buffet. I told him probably never, since Derick doesn't like it. I told him he could ask Grandma and Grandpa when they come out next month. He asked me if I meant Grandma and Grandpa L, which caught me a little; I reminded him that Grandma L had died a year ago.

That sparked a conversation. Dominic said he wished he had an iron heart so that he wouldn't die. I told him no, Grandma L was in heaven. Rowan (who always gives me a goofy grin)

asked me what heaven was like, and how I knew she was there, so we chatted a while about prophets and Jesus. Big stuff to talk about before school!

I told them the most important thing was to live a good life like Jesus would want us to live. At this, Dominic nodded energetically. He said, "I am going to live such a good life!" This made me smile. Then he followed with, "And you know what would be a really good life for me?" I shrugged, and he continued:

"Going to Old Country Buffet."

Love it!

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Jackie said...

Nothing like kid logic to make you think, smile, giggle and roll your eyes!