Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My sons' relationship

On our way to church this week, my boys were in the backseat, playing some sort of "blow 'em up" game with their toys. It was LOUD. I turned to my husband and wondered, Would it sound different with girls in the backseat? (My friends with girls tell me it would be louder, LOL!) Raising boys is an adventure.

My boys' relationship is a constant topic for me. Inspired by the die cut tags from Sassafras' Monstrosity line (heh), I made this page, called "2 Monsters?" (click the image to see it larger):

Lots of stash on this one. I added the little red blop on the top to create a better sense of balance.

My boys aren't always monsters. I wrote about the other side of their relationship inspired by this photo, another 8x12 photo:

I used some newer Lily Bee papers, which for some reason made me think fall. I also used my ubiquitous Bazzill stitching template and some gorgeous Pebbles felt trees that I've been hoarding. Time to put those babies to use. (BTW, Jackie asked about my stitching: I do both hand and machine stitching. Sometimes I stitch with a template by hand, other times I stitch without. I'll post about this in the future.)

Do you have any relationships in your life that are complicated? Look at both sides in one or two LOs, and let your product choices reflect the emotion, whether it be monsters or serene trees.


Lynette said...

I love the serenity layout...amazing stitching, beautiful photograph.

BabyBokChoy said...

I'm here to tell you that it's just as loud with girls, I got them in my backseat and it's non stop policing, and they squeal and it's awful, you want them?? lol.

Monstrosity remains my favorite line forever :) so this layout is pure delight to me!!!

Oh don't get me started with printing 8x12 photos!! I'm tempted, I know Costco can do it!! :)

alisonm said...

Oh Jen, if I had half your talent..... SIGH.
I think having three boys allowed for a balanced dynamic, it allowed my son with autism the space he needed by having the other two play with each other.

Just a thought.... 3 ??? LOL