Sunday, April 24, 2011

Running the Holy Week gauntlet

It's been a busy week. Not just for my faith, but also for teaching: conference night and midtri grades. We also had spring finally arrive:

Followed by snow:

Typical for April snow, it disappeared by the afternoon, much to the delight of my lacrosse players at school.

Holy Week is always challenging. Since both my husband and I sing in the choir and the Chorale, a smaller group, and my husband plays trombone, we attend every service Holy Week. This includes Easter vigil and every Sunday service. Don't get me wrong, this sustains our faith, but it is tiring, especially for the two boys, who also must attend. The best decision my husband and I have ever made regarding Easter was not cooking a meal, instead finding the best Buffet around. Today was Maple Tavern. Mmmm...

Another thing that sustained me this week:

A package from GCD Studio! This box was packed with goodness. It was so heavy I thought I would tear a spleen carrying it in, but tear a spleen in a good way. And look what was on top:

The mustache I fell in love with at CHA. My son Rowan begged for me to take it out of the packaging. Photos coming soon, as well as much varied scrapbooking projects.


DanaMK said...

Wow, you have been busy! When we lived back home, Holy Week was very busy, and we weren't even involved in the music side of things. As tough as it might be for the boys right now, they'll come to appreciate it later in life. And ooooh, look at that box of goodies!

Donna Jannuzzi said...

Happy Easter Jennifer!

That box is huge! I can't wait to see what you make with all your goodies. I'm sure it will not fail to inspire. =)

alisonm said...

Nice legs!!!!!

Keshet said...

Oh man, SO glad you got that mustache!!