Saturday, April 16, 2011

The brick doesn't fall far from the tree

Like his father, Rowan has a serious love affair with Legos. I thought this trait was a reflection of Derick, until I thought about Rowan's creative process.

First, you should know that the biggest family battles in our house involve Legos being left all over the floor. After the last battle, which involved the boys frantically picking up Legos as I approached ominously with a running vacuum, they're mostly off the floor, but Rowan still has piles around the living room, like this:

And this:

When I saw these piles in particular, I almost called for him to clean it up, but when I looked closely, I realized he had left these Legos out because it was a project he was working on, and he didn't want to lose track of his supplies.

Which means his Lego building doesn't make him like Derick; it makes him like me.

Further proof:

I have a couple pages in process that I left on my lap desk, in addition to some photos and sketches for future projects. Can't put those away, the ideas are still churning around in my brain!

Here I've taken out every spring paper, plus some new rub-ons, to look through in the future for a page I'm doing about spring.

These are just random supplies I'm intending to use soon and projects I'm planning to finish eventually. Plus my tin that I keep scraps in until I recycle them.

So I guess I have to respect the creative process a little more with my son, since I too seem to resist putting away my toys before I'm done playing with them.

Here we are this past week before it snowed today (grrr):

(Another shot using the extend-an-arm technique. I didn't crop it like I usually do, just so you could see how easy it is to take a shot of yourself, in case you don't already do it.)


BabyBokChoy said...

those lego photos look familiar, drive me insane. indeed i have my stuff spread all over and all out, but it's my house!!! lol!!! lol

Aliza said...

Funny post. I can definitely relate to the lego frustration. Because even after they pick up, guess what? There is always a stray piece somewhere!
But it's great that you relate it to your own creative process. My desk looks the same as yours on most days.

Keshet said...

I can't believe it was snowing, crazy! I can't wait to see the finished layouts, loved the peeks at your area;)

Beth Hallgren said...

Nothing hurts like a like a lego, stepped on in the middle of the night!

okanogangirl said...

You are not alone with the vacuum threat!!! I'm constantly finding little "extra" ones and yelling "come get it NOW before I vacuum it UP!" Then the kids come running & screaming!!!

I'm a wimp and have stepped on them too many times!!! and that's the only way they ever truly get cleaned up LOL!!!

Love your creative process ;)

Andrea said...

cute picture of you two!!! :) Luckily the snow is gone now!

Monika Wright said...

it's nice when our kids have a few things from us, too, not just their DaDa's!