Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to rejuvenate

I've had a few deadlines pass recently, and this coming week I have another deadline: grades for the trimester. I've been doing little else this week but grade and sit, exhausted. I'm so tired I can't even do my unwinding activity, reading in bed. My eyes become nonfunctional after about 3 pages.

Sadly, my lack of energy includes scrapping too. I'm working on a page about me as Wonder Woman at 5 (heh), but I have to take it slow. Let's just say I'm not inspired.

So what am I doing to regain my energy? Here's a few things:

Organize my photos. I printed some that I want to print and burned a CD for my mom.

Organize my stash. I broke apart some kit dregs and am sorting through patterned paper and scraps to donate to my boys' former day care.

Wish list. Yes, I've been going through online stores, Archiver's and an LSS called Scrapbooks Too thinking about what I could use. Well, and what I lust after, scrap-wise. Right now it's this misting template from Crafter's Workshop, this paint dauber from Jenni Bowlin, this mist from Studio Calico, and this collection from My Little Shoebox.

Plan layouts. I've been jotting down ideas for pages, even though I lack the creativity to make them.

Read scrapbooking magazines and idea books. I love online galleries, but my eyes are tired for staring at computer screens, entering grades. A book or magazine is nicer on the eyes. Plus, I can take it in the hot tub at Lifetime Fitness. Bonus.

I am nearing the end of the big, time-consuming grading, so I will become more productive this weekend, I think.

I have an idea to share tomorrow regarding my Wonder Woman page involving embellishments and finishing touches. Please stop by!

Now it's your turn: what do you do when you lack mojo? What snaps you out of it? Do share!


Diana said...

Just reading this was inspiring.
I've found that I just have to wait out the lull, whether it's with scrapping or just in general. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) something will spark and I'll be back in business. What I wish I could figure out is just what it is that lights that spark...

DanaMK said...

I know what marking is like and how I used to feel at those times of the year. When I taught full-time, I hardly did any scrapping, just didn't have the energy. Since I've been scrapping more lately, I try to do something scrappy every day. If I find I'm in a slump, I just do other scrappy things to keep me in the zone. I like to find new sketches as inspiration and make note of them and I like to visit scrappy blogs and galleries.