Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scrapping favorites

As a mother, I tend to scrap my kids a lot, as well as family outings, but I feel like I have a lot to scrap about myself as well. There's a lot of topics that I visit/revisit:

  • guilty pleasures
  • confessions
  • what I'm thinking about
  • how I dress
  • what I do
  • my visions for the future
  • my worries
  • my fears
  • my favorites
I could go on and on.

This winter, as I tried to reduce (my one little word for the year) my caffeine intake, I developed a new favorite beverage: hot tea. One day, while I was drinking a steaming cup of citrus chamomile, I noticed the flag at the end of the tea bag. It reminded me of the banners that are still so hot on LOs (pun intended), so I decided to make a LO about my current love of tea. Here's the page:

I dutifully (my husband would say obsessively) collected the tags off of tea bags, trying to collect a variety that would still look cohesive on a page. I tried putting them at a jaunty angle, but let's face it, this winter has not left anyone feeling jaunty. I opted instead for a straight banner at the bottom. I handstiched the banner, decided against machine stitching because the tags had staples in them.

I also dug into my die cut stash to make the "home" for the title and the title letters. The rest of the products, except for some Jillibean goodies left over from Sketch Support last month, came from my January Studio Calico kit "Who's Who," which I've just about exhausted and am ready to retire.

I should mention, I take regular pictures of myself, sometimes by extending my arm (if you do it often enough, you get good) or by handing over the camera. This time I asked my husband to take the photo. He was a doll, deleting the first photo and insisting on taking a second so it would "look like me." Thanks, hon.

So I challenge you to make a page about yourself this week! had a fabulous series last week giving ideas for what to scrap about yourself. Do you have a favorite topic or a favorite LO you've done about yourself? Please share! Then go scrap.


Diana said...

Absolutely awesome.
Love love love the teabag tags. How amazingly original you!

Brenda Johnston said...

What a great idea! I love it!

meganklauer said...

Great page & LOVE how you used the tags!!!

reen said...

Such a good idea Jennifer. Nice hubby to make sure he got a good shot ;). I love the layout; your topic, colors and photo too.

BabyBokChoy said...

Well, I completely expect YOU to have an abundance of topics, if not an English teacher, who else?? awesome work :)

clmk523 said...

Love the layout! Great use of the tags.
I like to do layouts that capture me "right now", too. In fact, when I get a shot of myself that I like, I print multiple copies!

anne said...

What a great idea! I LOVE it! You're so creative.

Keshet said...

This is awesome, Jenny! Love! Hope you're doing well, friend:)

DanaMK said...

What a fantastic LO! Love the colours you used and the tea tag banner is brilliant! I've done a couple LOs about me but not nearly enough. I love your list of what you have scrapped about. You've inspired me to keep a list of topics that I'd like to scrap too. Thanks!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Fantastic page - great idea to use the tea ephemera! I'm sitting at my computer with my morning cup of tea close at hand. Great inspiration for a layout!

DanaMK said...

Jennifer, here's a LO I did based totally on yours. Thank you once again for such great inspiration!