Monday, March 28, 2011

Project 12 February

This is day 1 of spring break. Derick is away on business. The boys have not yet driven me crazy. Yet.

I put together a list of chores for each of us to do. Dominic finished his already. There was a carrot, but a small one, but he was very goal oriented. Another Spinjitzu for this guy! (Don't click the link unless the volume is turned down.)

Rowan is on track to finishing by next weekend. Not bad, considering the state of his room.

Most of my to-dos involve editing photos, plus dusting, which I loathe, as I'm seriously allergic to dust. I'm waiting for a warmer day I can open the windows on.

What I stated doing and crossed off my to-do list was finished February Project 12, which has been languishing unfinished for weeks. Here it is:

I used my February Studio Calico kit for this LO. I had two pieces of pink paper, and since I can't really use them for any LO but one about me basically, I decided to use it here. I messed up the punch on the right, which is why I added the bling. And though I hesitated, I decided to machine stitch along the scallop. I just hand to hand-crank it the whole time. Quite a workout!

This photo of my mom is a recent favorite. It was snowing while I took it via the extend-an-arm technique.

This "Love You" I had cut out a while back and not used. It fit well here!

For the title I used some of the cool rub-ons I got at the October Afternoon Warehouse sale. Through operator error, I goofed and left an R half-adhered. To fix it, I used a brown pen. Can't hardly tell.

It took me a while to find the proper amount and type of pretty bits to use around the layout. For once I decided before adhering (heh) which made the whole process easier.

I used this sketch (click the link if it cuts off):

Like usual, I added more papers. I also moved the title location since I didn't have enough room on the right.


BabyBokChoy said...

Another TERRIFIC 2-pager, seriously you are so amazing at those! totally inspirational for me!!!

alisonm said...

Jen, thanks for your note! I would have convo'd you over to CK, but I haven't figured out how to do it from my I-phone. I am still learning this high tech stuff! Hope you had fun on your shopping trip!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Love your layout! The flow of pictures, the journaling block and all the design details are wonderful!

Beth Hallgren said...

You are so talented at putting those "bits & pieces" together!

Keshet said...

Oooh, not a dusting fan either. Love this layout though!

Linda said...

Great job with Project 12!