Thursday, December 9, 2010

Done with grading; coming up for air

I just submitted my first trimester grades today, so I'm back to the blog and to scrapbooking. (Click on the pictures to see the pictures bigger.)

  1. We are definitely in hot tea weather here in Minnesota. Yesterday the morning news said about 5 degrees, which usually is about 5 degrees colder outside my house. I was wrong: it was 7 degrees colder. Yep, it was 2 below zero. That's when it hurts to breathe. Today it was in the 30s. Felt downright balmy!
  2. Dominic came home last week, intent on drawing a picture of his favorite book. There would be a drawing at Barnes and Noble with kids in his class who submitted one, and the winner would get a gift card. Guess who won? He's thrilled.
  3. My mother went in to get a knee replaced this week. She's doing fine and will come home this weekend. Mom, this is for you: The boys loved decorating the tree stickers. Dominic made the gingerbread men march up the side of his.
  4. This is the page I did using the tips from the Double Page Design book at Ella: I like the result. Sort of a different primary color combo. Still, the blue paper at the bottom of the page had to be replaced because I spilled tea on it. Gosh darn it.
Tomorrow I will have a giveaway, so come back!


The Kitch Family said...

Brrrr, that's cold! Let me send you some balmy Jamaican weather (thought it's rainy at the moment)! :) Love the colours you used on your LO! Dana

alexandra s.m. said...

great post and page Jenny!
Thanks for sharing ~

Brenda Johnston said...

Cute layout! I don't think I've mentioned to you that I grew up in MN and went to college at Northwestern in Roseville. We had tunnels under each building that connected all the buildings . . . but you had to make it from the dorms to the first building! It was awful on the 70 degrees below days. I do not miss winter! Well, I do wish my kids could build snow forts. : )