Saturday, December 4, 2010

The gift of sons

Rowan has had an up and down week. He made a treasure hunt for me to follow, the end being a note that says, "I love you, Mom." He also lost one boot at school (one boot!) and a library book at home. When we were heading to school Thursday, he said, "This has been such a hard week."

I love his humor and sense of play, though. Yesterday morning--a morning we got to sleep in because they had no school since it was mark reporting day--they both got up at 5, of course. I was still in bed.

Dominic called to me, "Mom, can we watch cartoons?"

I said "No."

Rowan the future lawyer said, "But it's not a school day." (Normally, I'll let them watch on nonschool days.)

I said, "But it's not even 6." (That's our other rule--no cartoons before 6. They're early risers.)

Rowan paused, then said, "Touche."

I laughed all day at that remark. Doubtless he got it from some superhero comic or show.

Here's a page I'm working on that captures a little of this boy's love of play. It's called "Play Personified":

I've never shown a page in process before. It's "in process" because I'm a little stuck. I love embellishments and have some ideas, but I keep putting stuff down and taking it off. I think the next idea with chipboard or stitched flourishes is one I'll go with, then I'll post the final product.

The design comes from a sketch in Double Page Design from Ella. It's a linear design that works well with 4x6 photos, but my brain has gotten stuck in how to work some fitting whimsy into it.

*Truthfully, I have a lot on my plate today that will slow me down too--Barnes and Noble with Dominic, violin class, grading binders at school, mailing stuff out, and so on. I hope I get to work on this page before the day is out. I'll let myself if I get enough work done first. Which is what I tell my boys, work before play.

Touche, they would tell me.


BabyBokChoy said...

Rolling on the floor laughing, touche indeed!!!

Keshet said...

Love the future lawyer:)

The Kitch Family said...

Love it! Dana