Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snowy weather

Driving in Minnesota was interesting today. We knew this weather system was moving in, and that it would arrive around rush hour, so yesterday I mentioned to my students, "Just in case they canceled school tomorrow for snow..." THAT made them laugh. Seriously, it takes a snowstorm of a frozen Noah proportion for us to have school canceled for snow. If the main roads are generally clear, we go to school. The neighborhoods might have 6 inches of snow, but we will still be ringing the school bell.

The depth of snow wasn't bad: the crunchy layer of ice was. See, snow had melted over the weekend, and today it froze again. You know it's bad on the roads when you aim for the snow, hoping for traction. We don't normally experience this until January, and here it is, November. I predict I shall do several weather pages this winter...

Printing photos recently, I came across a hysterical photo of my boys last Christmas. I don't know what invaders the were defending our deck from, but they obviously had a good time playing. Thus, I decided to do a playful page.

Following yesterday's post on Ella's terrific design tips, I decided to use Ella's Essential Guide to Scrapbooking Girls. Yes, I got this ebook too, even though I do not have girls (except the cat, but she prefers to be called Queen). I love the layouts in the book, and I love the design tips.

For this page, I was inspired by this layout by Jill Sprot: I loved how she misted a mask and used it as a stamp. I also added some Stickles to the result.

I also used Elizabeth's Dillow's tips for scrapbooking girls. Truly, one tip I took liberties with: I don't hand-make page embellishments, but instead I used pre-handmade ones that I bought. That's rationalizing, I know.

The other design tips I used are straight from the ebook, and I like the result. I think it's playful, not girly, even though I was inspired by a book about girls. Which, considering my layout yesterday, would truly make my son puke.


BabyBokChoy said...

Cancel school is much more likely than canceling work :) 2 hours in the last 15 some years!!! LOL. Your layout is really cute!! love it, though more snow... lol

Keshet said...

This is so fun and happy, love it!

Anonymous said...

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