Monday, November 29, 2010

Design tips from Ella

One of the things I love best about Ella eBooks is how MUCH there is in each book! They are not just a bunch of gorgeous layouts--they certainly are gorgeous, but each book contains much, much more. There are idea sparks for similar pages, design tips based on the layouts, and so on.

One book I got recently was (of course) Ella's Essential Guide to Scrapbooking for Boys. I certainly love all the idea starters for pages, but I also love the tips each designer gave to design boy pages.

Wendy Smedley's design tips inspired the following layout:

I'd thought of this page for a while--Rowan was seriously disturbed that a Happy Meal ad even mentioned girl toys--but the design idea came from Wendy's three design tips for boy pages. What are they? Well...if you get the ebook here, you can find out!

I'm curious to know what you think makes this page typically boy, design-wise. Do share.

And just to stretch myself creatively and show you how flexible each book is, tomorrow I'll share a page I've made using design tips for girls--on a page about my boys.


Brenda Johnston said...

I love this idea--the "anti-girl" phase! How fun! I think the blue, the arrows and the lack of any "fluff" make this a great boy page!

BabyBokChoy said...

I don't know... it's like clothes, boy clothing can be worn by girls, but not so much the other way around. So your page is fantastic, I can totally copy the whole thing without changing anything and it would be a girl page.

Keshet said...

Love this!

The Kitch Family said...

There's a lot that says "boy" to me - the arrows, the big title with a couple capital letters thrown in, the colours, the big polka dot block, the plaid on the border strip.

I got 6 eBooks at Ella this past weekend so I'm excited to get some reading done! Dana