Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Journaling that matters

In some of the stories people posted on the Ella giveaway post, I noticed some people with some painful memories to share. This memory isn't painful, but since my MIL died this year, the wound is fresh, so scrapping her always includes a little melancholy, even when the memory is happy.

Inspired by a section in the new Ella book Journaling That Matters, I decided to scrap a conversation my MIL had with her husband and daughter shortly before she died. The conversations epitomized her personality, which is what made her words so memorable. Here's the layout I made with her words:

I used last week's color combination from The Color Room, and the base is from some paper I got from Creative Imaginations from a layout I had published in Scrapbook Trends.


BabyBokChoy said...

So subtle and so very beautiful!

Sandra said...


Keshet said...

What a beautiful layout, Jennifer, inside and out:) I love it!

Diana said...

It's beautiful Jennifer, the colours, the flowers, and of course what it all says & means.