Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out with the old...

Way long ago I took some personality tests, the Myers-Briggs personality profile, I think. One thing I learned about myself: I am a very strong J, which stands for Judging (Its opposite is P, Perceiving). I know that sounds bad, but think about J people being finishers and P people being starters. *

I mention this because yesterday was preorder for next month's Studio Calico kit, and I have barely touched last month's kit. This drives the J in me NUTS since I like to finish before I start something new. Too many open projects sap my energy.

I feel particularly driven because I used my womanly wiles successfully to convince my husband to order two add-ons for me, Mendocino and Santa Cruz. He did, so I am doing his ironing and desperately working on using up last month's kit.

I only bought the main kit last month, plus some extra paper; as a result, my goal is 6-8 layouts. These are my third and fourth:

The colors are rather delicate, but I think I like the oranges on the autumn layout. To do the misting, I flipped over the die cut paper and misted with yellow, orange, and bronze.

The second layout is based on this week's SC sketch. The English teacher in me liked using a kit named On the Easel for a page about my son's art.

* In case you are interested, I've always been a very strong I (introvert) and J (judging), a weak N (intuitive), and I've switched from a weak F (feeling) when I was younger to a weak T (thinking) now.

ETA: So right now I'm INTJ, The Scientist. Says the English teacher. Go figure! The inititals link I added shows famous people who share my profile. I'm excited that I share traits with Michelle Obama and Jane Austen, but nervous that I share traits with Hannibal Lecter and Prof. Moriarty.


Monika Wright said...

I took the test, too, when Elizabeth Dillow did a post on her blog, and I'm an ESFJ {Provider}.

Diana said...

I'm an ENTJ (Field Marshal -- eeeps! actually I just got an idea for a layout!)
Aren't those green flower button embellies divine? I loved them.
The Splendor LO is just gorgeous.
I loved the whole kit actually, and have gotten a few LOs out of it, but I'm not driven like you to max out each kit, though I wish I were.

BabyBokChoy said...

ESTJ here, and I am also a strong J, but I am way better at starting something than finishing it up! My "T" is out of control, how is yours? :)

Layouts are fantastic. LOVE LOVE the grid and the misting. great way to leverage the kit name for your projects :)

Lee said...

Thinking I may have to re-do this test. I can't remember what I am ... which may say something, eh?