Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wall Art

I have a small house, so I don't make many crafts or altered items to go around--it's full already! But when I saw the 7gypises printer's drawer (the black one), I had to get it. When I got home from Disneyworld, I started planning how to fill it.

First I sketched out a grid and planned which photos I wanted in there and how big the photos needed to be. I knew I didn't want to fill the whole thing with photos (I got the ATC tray, so regular sized photos wouldn't fit), so I found 4 that I thought epitomized the visit. Two squares I needed for title, and one I wanted for journaling. I wasn't sure what would go in the others, but that was OK; I don't like to plan every detail.

Then I printed the photos: two 4x6 I wanted horizontal and that would survive the wood split in the middle, and two small vertical. I made a 4x6 document in PSE, layered two 2.75 x 3.75 vertical photos in it, and printed it out along with the other two photos.

Here's where I selected product: I don't like using stuff that's too themey. I know CI has lots of Disney stuff, but that really goes with nothing in my house. Plus I have a TON of October Afternoon Fly a Kite and decided to use that product: paper and stickers. I also used some Basic Grey Chip alphas I had on hand (and had all the letters to!) and pulled out some Making memories travel stuff as well.

I thought a basic pattern would be easier for me, so I alternated photo and paper left to right from top to bottom. Once I laid down the basics, I knew I had to fill some space! I dug out my Disney memorabilia, found an unused Fast Pass, a map of our hotel, and a small icon to use. Once I found those, I finished assembling it. Here's what I did:

For adhesive, I mostly used Thermoweb's sticky strip; since this frame will be hanging on a wall, I wanted the products up there solid. I also placed one photo on the top of the squares, not inside. The wood split didn't work well there, and I liked the variety of layering.

Plus I added two "hidden" Mickeys. Can you see them?


Monique said...

Wanted to have a closer look at your phototray! It's GORGEOUS!!!! I love the photos and all the embellishments you used and yes, I found the 2 hidden Mickeys!! (bottom left and top left!). Great idea!! TFS! and good luck at the Nook!

Stephanie said...

I've looked at these trays for a long time and like you, have a small house and wasn't sure where I would hang it. I love what you've done with it! Maybe I'll have to re-think my hesitation. . .

Keshka said...

Very cute!

Diana said...

It looks terrific! With just a few items and just a few spaces you've managed to capture an entire experience, and so well too.
Aaaah I wish I were as creative as you are... .