Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Ideas

As summer comes to a close, I'm wrapping up my summer scrapbooking projects; my time will definitely shrink once I get back in the teaching groove!

I am looking forward to seeing a layout I did in the online magazine Scrap Street. They are having a giveaway today on their blog, so check out both, and definitely check out their mag next month!

I signed up for the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I've loved every class I've taken, and it was free to boot! I have to admit, I am brimming with ideas. Here's some of what I've done:The first page I did, inspired by Elizabeth Dillow's summer mosaic page. I've done pages about our whole summer already, but none exclusively about my kids playing with the neighbors.

Every day we've had a prompt to answer, and sometimes the challenge was to scrap it. Here the prompt was "I lack." There was no challenge to scrap it, but I got an idea for a LO and went with it! I misted the green background; IMO, Maya Mist doesn't buckle the paper as badly as Tattered Angels does.

This LO was for a day we were given the prompt "I live" and asked to scrap it. I used a kit of very bright stuff from my stash. So much fun making it! Mostly BoBunny products. I think some dimension (i.e. dimensional stickers under some clouds and buttons and jewels) and mixed fonts in titles can add a lot to the design interest in a page.

Similar to the last LO, this one came from the prompt "I learn." I've posted it and written about it before. See this post for more details.

This journaling comes almost directly from Karen Grunberg's layout, which came a day after I took these photos. Instant inspiration! And because I'm lame this way, as soon as I took the photos, I thought of the October Afternoon kites and got the stitching idea. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks of product or scrapbooking when taking pictures!

The next idea from Tami Morrison was a cute frilly door hanging saying "Do Not Disturb." Now, if my boys are quiet, that is a sure sign they NEED to be disturbed because they're up to something. So instead I dug into my (sadly huge) supply of Star Wars product and made these door hangings. They are OK with having them on the door. Hopefully they'll grow to love them.

Another daily prompt, this time from the prompt "I laugh." These guys are such posers. I used the same bright kit for it, as well as my Coluzzle circle cutter to cut the circle for the photo and its "nest" in the two 4x6 photos.

The inspiration for this came from another Karen Grunberg page about anticipated sibling rivalry. I do a lot of pages about my boys being brothers and their relationship to each other at the moment. It gave me an idea!

Other pages in the works:
A few days left, so I'm sure that I'll get more ideas! And if the idea for the Fest was to sell class spots, it worked: I'm probably going to sign up for Karen G's Book of Stories class, and though I'm not interested in their next two classes, I look forward to seeing what else Jen Mohler is teaching. Some of the other teachers I have taken classes from, so I'm always interested int heir classes!


BabyBokChoy said...

What a glorious parade of projects, fantastic!!! LOVE LOVE the kite one of course, way to go thinking about supplies as you take the photographs!! hee hee

Diana said...

Where to start? I love all of these. I especially the love the So Not Cool LO -- the photos of you are so... I was going to say cool... precious, and not that kind of precious, like great precious. And the other one I Live awesome. I love the cloud paper and the multicoloured stripes -- two of my favourite things, and all in all it's a great page.

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh my! What a production once again Jenny. You're pages are fabulous!
I've downloaded the Actions from The Pioneer Woman and I'm almost certain I added them to PSE properly but now I can't find them there ;-(
I really enjoyed that post of yours as well, it's frustrating to see that I can't play with these marvelous actions.