Thursday, July 1, 2010


We just got back from Idaho from Phebe's memorial service. It was wonderful to meet people that for years I've only known through Christmas photos. The boys loved seeing their cousins most of all:

They spent a memorable time playing with them, both at Grandpa L's house and after the memorial service. Incredibly, everyone's clothes ended up OK.

Grandpa L's house served as a central location for visiting. I know Phebe must have been smiling at the good times we all had there.

It's been 6 months since we had to put Roswell down, so it was a treat for the boys to have not one but two affable dogs in the house. Here they are, hitting up Grandpa L for food:

He must be an easy mark. I think he shares.

We also enjoyed walking through extremely tall, wet grass in the morning with the dogs. Here's Dominic with Aunt Mel:

And this is Rowan with Grandpa L and Aunt Mel:

Isn't that a gorgeous scene? Basically next door to where Grandpa L lives.

The boys continued their problems sleeping anywhere but in their own beds:

An air mattress was a good idea; being so close to the floor they can't get hurt falling out!

As soon as we got back, Dominic lost a tooth and put it in his pillow last night. He got up, though, and showed me another tooth he'd pulled out. I told him to put it in his pillow too. Soon after he came back with another tooth out! He lost three teeth yesterday, including his two front teeth, scoring six gold dollar coins from the tooth fairy last night. Amazing.

We're looking forward to baseball and fireworks this weekend, and I'm looking forward to the boys not killing each other after spending a lot of time together in a small space this past week.

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