Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy days...

We've had some pretty nice days this week, a nice exception after tornado weather last week (not in Maple Grove, thank goodness). Today the severe weather came in with power. No hail, not lost power, but TORRENTS of rain. 2.5 inches in a little over an hour. The rain and hail (elsewhere) was so bad my husband's flight back from a work week in Toronto was diverted to Green Bay until the weather passed. It'll be a late night for him. As long as he avoids Route 169 (flooded) on the way back, he should return before tomorrow.

Here were layouts I finished (and photographed) before the sun disappeared for the worst thunder and lightning show imaginable (all were done with June's Studio Calico kit, and maybe a few other random bits):

This was the first one I did earlier this week. I can't decide if I like the floating on the page, maybe because I've had hammered into my brain not to let elements on a page float! Excpetions made for bubbles.

This photo was rediscovered. It had slipped into a notebook and I just found it, months after I scrapped like photos from the Renaissance Fair last year. The story I told this time was different from what I had originally planned. I used a Becky Fleck June sketch for this.

This was the last family photo with the brothers taken with my MIL before she died. My husband asked me to get the image as good as I could and print it in 8x10 for his dad. I did, but I couldn't leave well enough alone and scrapped it too. I used an older Color Room scheme for this.

Same photo using this week's Studio Calico sketch. The title says it all.

This is the same sketch. I slightly regret not keeping the paper 12x12, but it still looks nice. Lots of fun with the bright colors.

A little more humorously: I had pulled these photos from vacation last year, thinking of scrapping them to try for the Ella ezine cover with them. These two didn't make it on the page I submitted, but my son saw them and we talked about them; that conversation became the journaling.


Briana said...

That rain was crazy tonight! Did the sirens go off by you, too? I don't think there was any damage near us in Plymouth. I love your "Beloved" page- great use of the SC sketch. I also like that Bazzill stitching on the "Family" layout...I'm sure your FIL will treasure it.

Diana said...

Love everything!

alexandra s.m. said...

Love these pages and especially "Beloved"!
I also enjoyed reading your post about your memorabilia.

Thanks for sharing Jenny, always a pleasure <3